About Nina.


I have been a professional artist since 1990
and have always wanted to be so.


Under my previous identity and gender, David, I first exhibited with the
'Pastel society' at the Mall Galleries, London and have
done so intermittently ever since.

  The striking and lustrous pastel medium has been my passion up until recently when my life,after a rather tiresome couple of years took a strange and exciting turn in that I find - like the delightful seahorse, that I am in the enthralling process of transcending the sexual identity of my birth.

As 'David' Greenwood I had been invited annually to exhibit at the Leeds Art Fair and the Holmfirth Artweek.

I am represented in galleries throughout the North and I have work regularly exhibited at the 'Riverside Gallery', Barnes-London.

I have had work accepted at the Royal Academy and when not so with the 'Not-the-Royal Academy' exhibition south of the river.

Under that name I have written articles about my pastel technique for 'The Artist' and the 'International Pastel Artist'. I enjoyed writing and have written appreciations of other artists,e.g. my good friend and fellow artist, Daniel Paulo.


Now Nina Greenwood , I hope to take my transition as far as I can and am now living 24/7 as a genetic female.

These are now difficult but challenging and thrilling times and I am intrigued as to how my work-my overriding passion - will be affected by emerging womanhood. I am fortunate on my journey in that I have much support, not only from the Transgender Community and genuine women on-line and througout the world but I have in my Group -'The Greenwood Painters' terrific support from genuine women members.

During the coming rather difficult journey I will be fascinated by the effect on my art of the changes I can even now begin to feel in my looks, my feelings and my changing perception of the world. I would love to write a blog to accompany this process.

The sense of joy and I can sometimes feel now is urging me to change my whole approach to painting-to let my work 'breath' more and revel in my new found sensuality, a new way of both 'being' and 'feeling'!